Nunu, Friends + Family 

Hi Everybody! Meet my favorite Uncle Majic and my imaginary friend Handy. Every weekend I like to hangout at My Uncle's house to do magic tricks, cook, play games, tell funny jokes and my favorite is to jump in the bouncing castles. Join me every weekend on a new adventure with my Uncle Majic and imaginary Friend Handy. 


Hi kids! My name is Handy and I'm Nunu's imaginary friend. I love being silly and telling jokes. But only You and Nunu can hear my funny stories - what joke do you want me to tell next?


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Uncle Majic

Hey guys, my name is Uncle Majic and I'm a retired magician that did magic shows all over the world. But these days my nephew Nunu likes to come over to my house on the weekends where I show him some old magic tricks and even teach him a few too. 

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