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Why You Need Costume Character Entertainment and a Children’s Magician for Your Child’s Party

If you're looking for a children's entertainer for your next party, why not hire a children’s magician or a costume character for entertainment? 


When it comes to kid parties, a children’s magician and costume character entertainment  are always popular with kids and can provide an hour or more of fun entertainment. 


First of all, let’s explain why you need to hire a children’s magician. Magicians can perform a wide range of tricks, from simple card tricks to more complex illusions. They can also interact with the children in between tricks to keep them engaged. And if you hire a children's magician who is also a balloon artist, they can often make balloon animals for the kids as well. 


Magicians are professional entertainers who have years of experience performing for children. They know how to keep kids entertained and engaged, and how to deal with any problems that might come up. 


Now, hiring costume character entertainment is just as good as hiring a magician. A costume character can make a kids party more fun and memorable. They can provide entertainment and help create an atmosphere that is both festive and safe for children. Costume characters can also help with crowd control and keeping the children engaged. If you are looking for a unique and fun way to make your child's next party more special, consider hiring a costume character.


Whether you hire a magician or custom character for your child's party, either way the kids are ensured to have a good time. They are experienced professionals who will keep the kids entertained from start to finish. So if you're looking for a fun and unique entertainer for your next party, be sure to contact Nunu Playhouse. We offer a wide variety of character and entertainment for kids parties. 


Nunu, Friends AND Family

Hi Everybody! Meet my favorite Uncle Majic and my imaginary friend Handy. Every weekend I like to hangout at My Uncle's house to do magic tricks, cook, play games, tell funny jokes and my favorite is to jump in the bouncing castles. Join me every weekend on a new adventure with my Uncle Majic and imaginary Friend Handy. 

handy hand.fw.png


Hi kids! My name is Handy and I'm Nunu's imaginary friend. I love being silly and telling jokes. But only You and Nunu can hear my funny stories - what joke do you want me to tell next?

Submit your joke here for it to be featured on an episode! 

dejon 1.fw.png

1. Entertainment: Uncle Majic can provide high-quality entertainment for children and adults at the party.

2. Engagement: Uncle Majic's interactive magic tricks and hip hop music can engage and excite partygoers of all ages.

3. Education: Uncle Majic's magic tricks can also be educational, teaching children about science and math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

4. Memory-making: Uncle Majic's performances can create lasting memories for partygoers, and can make the party a memorable and unique experience.

5.Professionalism: Uncle Majic's professional approach to magic and entertainment can add an extra level of polish and professionalism to the party.

Uncle Majic

Having Uncle Majic, the Hip Hop Magician, at a party can provide several benefits,

Here are some of the amazing places I've performed for:

MTV Logo
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Now, I only perform at very selective events, but if you book here, I just may be at your next special party.

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