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Video Game Parties in Staten Island

Nunu's Mobile Arcade Video Game Parties are an exhilarating and immersive way to enjoy the latest and most beloved video games at your gathering. Regardless of your guests' ages or the occasion you're celebrating, a Nunu's Mobile Arcade Video Game Party in Staten Island will leave a lasting impression on everyone. With our skilled and accommodating Game Coaches, your event is guaranteed to be a stress-free triumph!

Nunu's Mobile Arcade boasts vibrant high-definition TVs that showcase thrilling adventures, collaborative challenges, and intense competitions. The energetic music pulsating through the arcade-on-wheels sets the mood, while the inviting long couch invites you and your friends to unwind and dive into gaming. As soon as you grab that game controller, you'll know that the party has truly kicked off.

This is Nunu's Mobile Arcade - where you'll experience the utmost excitement while playing video games with your friends.

Why Nunu's Mobile Arcade? We handle all the intricate details to simplify party planning and ensure that your event is extraordinarily memorable. From the moment you reach out to us, our focus is on making it effortless for you to host an outstanding and unforgettable party. Our seasoned game coaches, cutting-edge technology, and extensive library of video games establish us as leaders in the industry.

What's included? All of our video game parties come with:

  • Customization tailored to your party size, venue, and specific requirements

  • Over 100 age-appropriate video game titles

  • Certified Game Coaches

  • Full insurance coverage for your event

  • Opening/Closing Ceremonies for birthdays

  • Latest gaming consoles including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch

  • HD Flat Panel TVs


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